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Originally Posted by Spudda2k7 View Post
Forgive me for my ignorance and please correct me if I've missed something and am totally wrong, but on UD2.0, obviously the carb load period on Thursday PM through to Friday evening is specifically used to replenish the glycogen stores which have been depleted through our depletion workouts, making way for super compensation, ensuring all carbs eaten, up to, 7/8g/lb/lbm, are shuttled into the depleted muscles.

My question therefore is what is the purpose of a carb load on UD2.0 bulk version as obviously there won't be anywhere near the same level of depletion, surely not even a fraction of it?

Wouldn't a carb load on the Bulk cause huge fat gains or are the carb load specifics on the Bulk version totally different?

Could someone please tell me the purpose and specifics of the carb load whilst bulking on UD2.0?

Thanks in advance.

I'm actually doing the ud2 mass variant right now. I think the books explains it adequately in the first half: basically your body can only do one thing well at a time, replenishing glycogen and building muscle are two separate things. By first replenishing glycogen and THEN doing a power workout where phosphate energy is primarily used and you aren't depleting much glycogen your body can then focus its efforts on building muscle.

So then now to your question about levels of glycogen depletion using the mass variant. Based on my experience there is still pretty decent depletion, you're right you aren't left with an empty gas tank at the end of the week but you still do some appreciable depletion. Use those modified depletion workouts with the moderately high reps with a similar cadence so that 30-45 seconds are spent during the set. I would definitely say your still getting about 60% depletion or so.

Now as for the carb load amounts, definitely start back at the low end. When I was doing ud2 fat loss variant I could eat about 100 grams beyond the upper limit and be fine, now the sweet spot for me is around 6gm/lb. I can go a tad beyond if I keep in really strict. last carb load I had about 1250grams with about 10-15grams of fat. Anyhow your right that you likely won't be able to push the upper limits without spillover simply because you aren't reaching VERY low levels of glycogen depletion. But it's still necessary because you can only do one thing well at a time.

It's taken me a bit of of trial and error since I was so used to the fat loss variant. As you've likely found out there isn't a whole lot out there about the mass variant so you will have to pioneer this a bit in your own.

One thing about the mass variant is it's quite a bit more flexible: I've incorporated DC training for the power workout. I carb load after my tension workout on Thursday morning and then use my power workout day carbs to sort of continue the carb load mildly until I do my power workout Friday night. I then take two days of recovery. Only one cardio day but I make it good, rowing and walking to make it more of a recovery session. It's been working out well and I enjoy it. The cycle is flexed an extra cardio or minus a recovery day as my work schedule dictates.

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