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Originally Posted by Dorich View Post
Bench: 5x5 - 60 kg
Squat: 3x8 - 30 kg
Overhead press: 3x10 - 40 kg
Barbell row: 3x8 - 40 kg
Barbell curl: 3x12 - 24 kg
Skull-crusher: 3x12 - 22 kg
Looking back at this post and LMFAO (!), not sure what I was writing here. Lifts were much worse at that time, actually. Either had too much wine when I wrote this, or something else was going on, as I don't lie about lifts (else I wouldn't be making this post right now.) It would appear that I was typing lifts from much much earlier. The increase in strength during maintenance definitely felt fantastic but it wasn't that significant. The real strength gains started during bulking.

Very satisfied with bulking progress so far, and plan on updating the thread with detailed info when I hit the four month mark.
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