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Good article. I've always had puny calves, and found some advice you posted awhile back about pausing at the top and bottom. I started trying that - I had to halve the weight and it burrrnnnnsss.......The scheme you outlined here is slightly different and I'll give it a go.

Question - I'm always trying to combine exercises and use compounds - I've been doing seated calve raises and heavy power shrugs (slightly crouched, explode up onto the tip toes and shrug, hold for a couple seconds, then back down and pause for a couple more seconds.) My idea was that this would take the place of standing calf raises while hitting some other muscles. Do you think this is effective, or a poor substitution for standing calve raises?

PS: Small correction note - forgot the ? at the end of the line "Do you see where I’m going with this yet."
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