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Default Fina vs Duta

Hey guys, I'm 41 and I've been on 1.25mg finasteride for at least 10 years(the reason it's 1.25 is cuz I can't cut the pill in fifths). I've been taking before I started working out so it's hard for me to comment on water retention or any other sides.
I have a pretty full head of hair with some very slight receding by the hair line corners. I can't say that ever grew new hair or that it even stopped my hair from falling out as I wouldn't really know if it was working, it was more of me being proactive and preventing any loss that might occur(which I think that's all its meant for).

I heard duta was stronger when I first started fina but didn't really feel the need for it. But after some of you mentioning it here, I read that it actually works for regrowing hair which is awesome but I'm really curious if the side effects are really that much less. Maybe I am having water retention from the fina or maybe fina is to blame for my ravenous appetite. Are the side effects that much less with duta and would you recommend me making the switch or should I just leave well enough alone?
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