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Originally Posted by ipax View Post
The anorectic effect is desirable, nootropic too would be if present, GH/T suppression is possibly troubling, reduction in flaccid girth isn't a dealbreaker. Hmm, on the whole am less interested now, though still curious to read up.

In a related story this moil collected foreskins from circumcisions he performed and sewed 'em into a li'l wallet. Neat thing was, all he had to do was rub it a couple times and, boom, suitcase!

Gotta love us growers :-/
I love nicotine as a "recreational drug" (feels silly calling it that) but honestly I never have been able to get much out of it w/ regards to cutting.

With the gum, that is. It is "time released" so to speak, and just feels so incredibly weak. I can barely tell if I am getting a buzz with 2 pieces of 4mg gum, I've gone up to 4 pieces in my mouth at once in order to up the dose but it's way too much gum lol

Whereas one drag of a cigarette or e-cig and I feel something.

And I know the point here isn't to catch a buzz but I'm just using it as a way to gauge potency.

Chewing tobacco, dip, cigarettes, e-cigs.....all of those have a strong anorectic effect. The gum, I never got any appetite decrease. If anything, I would get a lot hungrier like 20 min after beginning to chew it.

Not trying to advocate smoking or dipping. just saying I think the speed of onset of the nicotine makes a huge difference. Although if you're on cycle nicotine is also an AI so that is nice.

Then again EC and Ritalin don't do anything for my appetite either. Only stimulant that really does anything for my appetite is Adderall
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