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Originally Posted by BigPecsPeter View Post
Did you even take advantage of the massive weight gain and smash previous lifts? You could've greatly used this to your advantage.
I did lift consistently throughout the weight gain (however, I was close to these big lifts numbers back when I was lean at 190 too, so I'm not sure how much good mass I may have gained during putting on weight). Before I began RFL February 1st of this year, my last big lifts looked like this:

Bench: 225 lbs @ 8 reps
Squat: 335 lbs @ 5 reps (6th rep was sloppy, didnt count it)
Deads: 480 lbs @ 3 reps
Legpress: 1475 lbs @ 8 reps (this irritates me because back when I was lean at 190, I got this same stupid 45 degree angled legpress for 1675 @ 6 reps and unfortunately that 1675 hasn't happened in a long time).

Those were my highlights from January 20, 2017. On RFL, I'm not maxing out like this since I'm doing full-body workouts. And I'm not trying to be a powerlifter. I value my physique & aesthetic goals over being a thick big girl with strength at this point. I love being strong, but I honestly don't mind if I don't bench, squat, or DL those numbers. I care about getting back on stage with a lean physique that I haven't seen in a few years.
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