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Originally Posted by Milkman View Post
Sorry for diverting the thread, but if you brine the chicken in about 1/2 cup salt in some water you will lose that overcooked dry chicken.

The other choice is to sous vide it. It can't be dried and overcooked then.

Frankly I would rather eat shrimp every day, but just in case you want to go back to chicken.

I will indeed be going back to chicken soon since there's two more full packages in the freezer. I'll try another method, thank you. On RFL, ya sometimes get burned out on the same foods and have to be creative. I like mainly plain things without a lot of sauces/spices so chicken plain has been rather boring for me. Grilling in nice weather should help, but then again I always UNDERcook the chicken on the grill somehow, lol.

On another note:
3/1: 245.8
3/2: 244.6
3/3: 244.8
3/4: 243.4
3/5: 243.4

Time to leave the 240s behind--This week I'm hoping!
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