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Thank you for stopping in! My first week was more so getting it set up, learning the optimal weight for each workout and after the first load, fine-tuning that process. I was starving on Friday before the PM load started, which I figured was about right.

I did animal crackers, Ezekiel flax bread, pretzel nuggets, and whether's hard candies. My load was between 700-800 carbs and 50 g fat. Next week I may use bagels and keep my carbs between 600-700. I used protein shakes for my protein because I couldn't stuff in more food after eating the carbs.

I looked good on Sunday before Power Workout. My goal in the next 5 weeks is to nail the workouts, the diet isn't hard at all. Feel like I am full of poop though after the carb load. I am taking aloe vera tablets this week to get things moving, although I took care of some business, there is more that needs to go.

Will see what happens or if last week was effective on this Friday's weigh-in, Goal is 164 lbs.
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