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Chilling out for those of us who are stress-ninnies or tightly wound is often something we know we "ought to" do, but rarely have the patience to make it happen. Which, of course, stresses us out more that we're not taking steps to reduce our stress.

It's both a vicious and hilariously stupid cycle.

Meditation? I've taken to yoga the last 2 years and find it really complementary to the cardio pounding I still give myself. But taking the next step to actual meditative sessions is the current goal. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, 10 minutes, et cetera.

I think in my usual overly aggressive analysis paralysis way I'll also spend some time reading research papers on the ability of meditation to reduce cortisol.

Thanks for the article, Lyle - it's another timely and well written piece, just as I have grown to expect.
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