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Originally Posted by jigglypuffs View Post
I was diagnosed with it on a few separate occasions (usually when something blows up and I end up with doctors - years and cities apart). I will tell them about it, they ignore it, and then tell me the same things back to me.

I don't have much to say in terms of usefulness - but good luck. I hope we still get the "Lyle" we love.

I didn't realize you are in Austin now - I am going through there on a road trip and staying over to visit with some friends in about a month from now. I'd offer to take you out for drinks, but it sounds like now isn't the best time.
Nah, I'll be fine by then and one of the things that I am actively trying to change about my overall life is my general lack of socialization, etc. So get in touch when you come through. I'll tell you where the best food is

Edit: Fine is the wrong word. Stable would be a better choice.