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Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
A few things I see you might think about:

1. The Push day has a lot of tricep work indirectly. I would do something more isolation for a more fatigue stimulus for a lot higher reps for your direct exercise. like 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps.
2. Barbell curls that low in reps can really lead to form breakdown and working everything but biceps. Your call, but again same comments ask triceps since they get plenty of heavy work before this with the compounds.
3. Deadlifting 2x per week if you're using any decent amount of weight could be a problem. I would squat one workout and then deadlift the next, not do both each day due to lower back fatigue.
Thanks for the tips !

So if I replace the Dips in Push day for Tricep Extension 2 sets of 12-15 reps

And if I replace Barbell curls for 8-12 rep range instead of low rep range.

And if I do like you said Deadlift a day and Squat the other day.

Would it be a good routine? Or I'm better off with a Standard Upper/Lower routine ?

Also, my Pull day seems a bit low on sets, It takes a lot less time to do than the Push day, is that a problem?
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