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Originally Posted by alexz1993 View Post
Thanks I will change it to 2x 8-12 seems like a good idea. And for age and volume tolerance: I'm 25 years old, but about volume tolerance I have no idea how to figure this out. Does it mean if I'm not exhausted during the week because of my workouts I should increase the volume? Let's say 4 sets of benching instead of 3 ?

Also, Should I keep the dips or just do tricep extension or another tricep exercice instead ?
I'm a big fan of Lyle's generic bulking routine. I've built most of my size from it. If you're not sure of your volume tolerance I would probably choose to start there if I were in your shoes. From there you could think about increasing volume with a 5th day if you felt it was needed. It's honestly the best baseline building routine for an intermediate over anything else out there. You'll learn a lot about how your body responds to evolve from there if you choose.

On your current routine I would drop dips for extensions.
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