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Default Day8

Weight: 203.2 (+1.8 / -1.8lbs)
Waist: 37.0" (-1.0")

Workout: Rest

Yesterday's nutrition:
Free Meal

I am feeling a little disorganized the past few days. Saturday was full on rest day from all activities but I cleaned my house for about 5 hours then went out with some friends and managed to stay stone cold sober - the goal of all goals: diet and maintain a social life!! although 2 people mentioned i looked bummed out so maybe i didn't do that good of a job hahahah. But I was out a little late and then Sunday things started to fall apart.

I had to go in to the office and I overslept and was so tired I didn't get my workout in. Also, I am on this medication that you have to have an empty stomach and avoid calcium (no supplements) and dairy (no protein shakes?!) for hours before and after the pills so that has been very disruptive! I have said it before - to be successful on RFL you need to be prepared and you need to stick to the plan or everything goes sideways!

Anyway it ended up that the only place I could get a good salad yesterday was closed so I ended up not eating anything until dinner, so I definitely felt deserving of a free meal and I was so starving that all I could do was eat pizza. I know - wheat. So I screwed up that goal after a great week. And then, after eating it, I realized that it's big time dairy so I had to stay up until midnight to take my meds. Now I am exhausted and overslept this morning... lol - oh the problems!!

So that's my Monday story lol a little stressed but no big deal, I think I have it figured out now. Have a great week, everyone!
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