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Originally Posted by dchabby View Post
well I have successfully gained back the 20 lbs I lost last spring on RFL so my goal this year is to try and learn how to keep the weight off.

I know, I know, its all about the calories and I should just stop eating too much but I have a really hard time not eating sweets and having some drinks on the weekends.

Gotta figure out if I hate depriving myself or dieting more !!
Its a learning process for sure. On the bright side at leastin my experience losing fat gets easier everytime you diet down and even if you rebound a bit its less and less everytime actually looking back at my off days/weeks I can really chalk up 80% of them to deprivation- eg, instead of eating some cake or ice cream or whatever i really wanted in fear of going over my calories by a trivial 200 300..whatever amount, within the next 2 days I had a treat which pretty much led to a cascade of binging and ironically caused far more of a dent than if I had just not passed up those cheese and crackers for a snack or whatever.

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