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Originally Posted by laylee View Post
Ok according to the first link I have 18% bodyfat and according to the third I have 30% WTF!!! I've been on RFL for a week thinking I had 30%. I'm 5'7, 165.5 lbs, wear a size 8 or 10 and lift heavy3-4 days a week. Can someone shed some light on this?
(1) They use calculations based on a survey of people in order to estimate bodyfat. Perhaps your body deviates from that large survey group's average enough to make one set of those calculators inaccurate, i.e. a formula mismatch?

(2) More likely IMO is that an improper measurement technique was used on one of those.

Read this and look at the table at the bottom: Female at 18% BF is looking lean as a natural bodybuilder off-season, lean legs, about where someone looks at her and says they look "in shape." It's also at the BOTTOM end of what's recommended for health. So probably the error is on the first link (formula mismatch or measurement error).
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