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Fall Deficit

Week 0	82.46 kg	
Week 1	80.86 kg	-1.60 kg	1.25 kg		7-Days 1800Cals
Week 2	80.55 kg	-1.91 kg	0.49 kg		7-Days 1800Cals
Week 3	81.94 kg	-0.52 kg	4.72 kg		2-Refeed,5-1800Cals
Week 4	79.98 kg	-2.48 kg	0.84 kg		7-Days 1800Cals
Finished this week and can finally have a refeed with some maintenance time. Timing worked out because it's Canadian Thanksgiving. Anyway, I was getting pretty wore down at the end of this. Nothing new for me, just the longer I go on the diet, the harder it gets. Friday was a particularly rough day.

I ended up waking up early anyway today to do a depletion workout prior to refeeding. I was doing some re-reading on EC stacks and realized optimal partitioning one shouldn't take EC on refeeds. I've always done it, but today I took it off.

Did all my workouts and all my mobility & flexibility work for the week - plus an additional depletion workout.

Upcoming Week

The plan is to get through this weekend and than follow a strict maintenance.
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