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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
Exactly! I've never had a DEXA scan, and I never will (unless for medical reasons). As you've experienced yourself, that thing is off by a few %. Anecdotes tell the same story. As you say, an arbitrary number doesn't say much. It's about how you look in the mirror or how comfortable you are in your own skin. So IMO a DEXA scan is only for the ego. We don't need scanners to see if someone is fat or fit
I agree with you 90%. My ego needs the catering

However, itís nice to know as a baseline estimate (yes, estimate) where my LBM is, how itís changed over the year and what I look like at specific body fat percentage ranges. Iíll use this range of body fat percentage to gauge when I should start bulking. In any case, Iíll post the results here
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