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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
Sure, share it with us. There is a "thing" that DEXA is not as accurate as some believe. Having a visual alongside the numbers may make us more conscious about that. Please note that this does not mean the DEXA is wrong by default. Yours may be very accurate.

I could repost my pics from after my DEXA scan from three years ago.

It's all documented on old logs, but none of the images are up due to Photobucket.

I posted the pictures on here and Lyle's old forum before the scan. All estimates were about 7 - 9%. The scan said I was 9.2%, and my torso (which was what the photo on here was of) was 7%.

This was after a PSMF, but I made sure to refeed and have a week at maintenance before the scan. I also drank some water the morning of the scan.

Pictures were taken the morning of the scan.
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