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Originally Posted by alcahuetej View Post
I could repost my pics from after my DEXA scan from three years ago.

It's all documented on old logs, but none of the images are up due to Photobucket.

I posted the pictures on here and Lyle's old forum before the scan. All estimates were about 7 - 9%. The scan said I was 9.2%, and my torso (which was what the photo on here was of) was 7%.

This was after a PSMF, but I made sure to refeed and have a week at maintenance before the scan. I also drank some water the morning of the scan.

Pictures were taken the morning of the scan.
It would be interesting to see what you looked liked during the Dexa. Just to see the visual differences on Dexa reporting.

Also, Was it reported 14%2% or 9.2%. Or the 9.2% was adjusted down 5% due to Nhanes method? Hope all is well.

Happy holidays to all.
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