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Originally Posted by InsertCleverNameHere View Post
I don't want to derail the thread, but I was simply doubtful about the claim that GSP was training fasted. I was just assuming that a high level athlete training for their sport would want to fuel their workouts so that they can perform better during their training. I know there are a lot of people who lift weights fasted or while sipping on bcaas, but would a high level athlete training for a specific sport do that? Am I dumb in thinking that fasted training wouldn't be optimal for such an athlete?
It depends on the type of training and goal. If you get really good at training fasted it might help you dig deeper in the fight when you feel super tired. Also GSP is a pretty staunch opponent of ped's and quit MMA for a while due to rampant use and came back once usada started doing random drug tests. Is it possible he is on ped's? Yes, but I doubt it. It just wouldn't be in his interest to ruin his whole legacy for it at this point.
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