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Hi, thanks for commenting!

Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
Based on your stats: do you have enough muscle mass to be "catwalk" ready?
I used to look good at 170lbs, didnt had much size but was far from emaciated, I looked fit. I suppose I was 15-17% body fat then. I believe if I got down to 160, Id look fairly lean and smallish and if I got down to ~150, Id look very lean but awfully small.

Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
If at some point in your training career you want to add some (more) muscle, it would probably be smart to plan a bulk phase as well. Or at least get used to the idea mentally. When your body is in the beginner or early intermediate stage, you will benefit from a bulk compared to maintenance.
Yes, I want to add muscle and gain strength. Weighing 150lbs is far from my goal, it's just that I wanted to 'get this over with' you know, get 'lean' once and for all.

I figured I'd maintain that new condition for a couple of months, maybe more, to try to upregulate my hormones or other physiological aspects as well as to consolidate new eating habits. After that, I will probably attempt to 'bulk'.

But again, this is all conjectural. I say I'd like to get to 6-8%, but given my history if I manage to get down to a healthy 12% body fat - instead of getting even fatter and less active than in 2017 - and stay there for a while it will be a huge victory for me.
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