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I should've explained better what I meant by saying that something was previously discussed here and you ended up doing some wrong inferences from that.

Given the specificity of your question, I assumed that you already had some basic understanding of the processes you are asking about:

couple that with the basic understanding of how DNP works, also rehashed in this thread more than once (the powerpoint thing only explains that with more depth) PLUS the fact that it was said, more than once in this thread that DNP affects ALL energy expenditure, not just BMR/BEE or aerobic or whatever and I was pretty sure you would get your answer but seems I was wrong in that assumption.

To make this clear, and rehash this point once again in this thread, if DNP is increasing your metabolic rate by 30%, then this means EVERYTHING you do will expend 30% more energy to be performed, it doesn't matter if it is sleeping, digesting food, walking, running or doing X sets of whatever exercise you can imagine. DNP causes an inefficiency in ATP production (more substrate will be consumed and the wasted energy dissipated as heat). This affects every cell in the body including neurologic cells so there's no exclusions to the reach of the metabolic effect of DNP within the body - all terms of the energy expenditure equation will be equally affected: BMR,RMR,TEA,NEAT,TEF, etc.

Regarding the constant reminds to read the entire thread before posting questions, this is simple the house rules in this forum and you admitted before not reading the whole thing, and if you can't bother to read the thread which contains lots of information, then nobody will bother to post answers either. So search/read main site articles which covers a lot of topics, then search the forum /threads and only then new questions should be posted. While a specific answer may not exist for any given question, chances are the pieces of information needed for the answer are readily available and if not, any additional discussion will certainly contribute to the topic at hand.

Sorry if I sounded rude before, that was not the intention.
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