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Exclamation In those cases when visceral fat is the last to go ...

Unfortunately, I'm one of those 'hard' case. I know the theory that it's (relatively) easy. But for me, subcutaneous fat loss has always been easy !

Now, because of some medical treatment I've ended up with relatively low subcutanous fat, but way too much visceral fat. The doctors are not too interested 'it's not an illess' (!).

While I know about the beneficial effects of HGH, is anything known beyond 'genetics' (the generic phrase) about why some people have a hard time losing visceral fat ? Is there anything one can do about that ? As in, do we have an altered alpha/beta adrenergic receptor distribution and is there a drug that can help ?

For me, even when I was young and active, visceral fat was always the last to go. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I'm a 'true' ectomorph ?
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