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I've been looking into this broader topic (mobility training) as of late and have been working on my imperfections. I don't have the pelvic tilt, but I have other issues - such as tight hip mobility and tight ankle mobility - which reduces the amount of range I can push my knees out on a squat, which then causes my ankles to move directly off the base of my feet - causing my feet to collapse inward a bit.

It's an interesting thing to investigate because even if you have issues (that you're completely unaware of) you can still do the big movements. Your body will get it done by another means, but eventually it will catch up to you.

I've been going through some of Kelly Starrett's stuff and it's really been helping. I've lightened the weight on my squat to focus on this more. Attention is on my knees and ankles - preventing myself from collapsing. It's improving and the movement is becoming easier.

Not to take away from the pelvic tilt advice. Just the broader subject is really worth investigating. Most people probably have something they need to improve.
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