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If you are interested in mobility and injury prevention then you might enjoy poking around another site. The author is a runner, but bodies are bodies and he covers a bit of strength training/conditioning too.

This article has stuff about calf stretches mostly:

Oh, you caught me stretching my calves. This wall stretch that a lot of people do, a lot of runners like to do to warm up, is actually a pretty silly stretch. There’s lots of better ways that you can actually create normal flexibility and stability in your lower leg without having to actually stretch a muscle, to only weaken it and actually hinder performance, and even decrease injury recovery time.
Bonus points for snarky sense of humor:

Some runners are even taught to perform this and many other silly stretches after they run to “retain the flexibility” which they hopefully gained during the run. Are you kidding me? So if you hold a stretch for 8-20+ seconds then all of a sudden your body magically locks in the increased flexibility you got from your run. This is assuming you’re running efficiently in the first place, (which most people are not doing), and are actually creating some increased and healthy range of motion. It’s also assuming that you ran in the Land of Magic where post-exercise stretching for some short predetermined time now all of a suddenly prolongs gains just by adding in this little extra movement gimmick.
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