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Default Scivation product XTend study

Knowing that BCAA supplementation has been pushed for years by some bodybuilders I'm wondering if this following study by Scivations should persuade me to sheel out more $$ for their product:

The supplement company Scivation conducted a double blind study (as posted on where they compared giving trained weightlifters (at least 2 years of wieghtlifting training under their belts) their XTend product and compared it to giving a different slice of the group whey and a differetn slice gatorade. I guess they are claiming the XTend product group gained like 9 lbs of LBM in 8 weeks where as the whey group gained like 5 and the gatorade group like 1 lb. All the subjects were on a lean mass type diet so I assume all had adequate protein intake during the day without adding the XTEND, Whey or gatorade around workout time. I guess XTEND is pretty much a BCAA type of supplement.
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