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Default Winter Cutting

Weight: 245.7lbs
Bodyfat: 17-18%
Waist: 37.5/ 39 (narrowest/widest)

- 6 week diet
- 12-13% bodyfat
- Stop

Mon - RFL
Tues - RFL
Wed - Maintenance -500
Thurs- RFL
Fri - RFL
Sat - Re-feed
Sunday - Maintenance - 500

- 4-5 day Bro split
- 10k steps daily
- 100 cals on the aerodyne bike on non-RFL days

I finished a successful 12 week diet where I got from 23% down to somewhere around 15% bodyfat at 225lbs (depleted). Since then I have been enjoying a bulk/recomp rephase but now need to get myself in a decent position to do a 16 week prep in the new year.

I will be checking in once a week with updated measurements.
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