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Originally Posted by Neilnacarter View Post
We seem to have things going on at the same time. I am in a holiday cut at the moment for 10.5 weeks with 1.5 weeks down and 1kg lost. The goal is 90kgs but would be happy with 93-94kg. Think 90kgs would be seriously ripped.

I am fluctuating between 2000-2400 per day. with my TDEE between 3000-3300. so fairly agressive

Good luck.
Yeah, sometimes I have the feeling that you are my fitness twin.
Our body fat % correlates pretty strongly I guess

How are you feeling on such an aggressive diet? And how is your performance in the gym?

I only have 5-6 weeks, and I am at around 14%, so it might be enough to get to single digits, but I am not sure. So aggressive dieting is the only way to go, but I donīt want to burn the little muscle I have... tough choice.

Good luck to you too!
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