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I did a 48h fast on 300mg dnp(Plus a week of dnp build up.) Not even super eager to lose weight, I just wasnt hungry to be honest and im sick of all the protein on RFL.

Looks like I lost 5 lbs. I was already depleted so I dunno I guess im more depleted cause I surely didnt lose 5lbs.

I did, however estimate just under 5k deficit both days.

Felt completely fine, zero hunger, at about 17% bodyfat closing in on cat1. Ok, At the end of the 48 hour I felt a little hungry and a good meal was already laid out, or I was actually gonna keep going.

Im not scared of losing muscle or anything so Prolly gonna try it some more.

Supposedly 3 days fasting is required to trigger autophagy, but Im guessing I did it way, way faster with dnp ampk uptick and the being so active.
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