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Originally Posted by Neilnacarter View Post
nice progress.
Thanks, I am quite happy with the progress!

week 4 of 6:
diet: 2062kcal, 184p, 157c, 67f
avg weight: 75.58 (-0.69 from last week)
activity: 69k steps
training: 3x weights
cardio: 2x 60min LISS

I implemented Protocol 1, so I will eat low carb on rest days and normally on training days.

training day macros: 2050kcal, 200p, 200c, 50f
rest day macros: 2010kcal, 200p, 100c, 90f
combined weekly goal macros: 200p, 157c, 67f

I will be traveling next thursday, so I will need to prepare to avoid travel munchies. Other than that nothing seems to be threatening my adherence!
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