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Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
Your first mistake was listening to anyone on's forums. Any diet that causes you eat below maintenance with adequate protein will work. If CKD works best for you then keep at it. Lots of people have gotten lean on a CKD despite what would say. Lyle's most well known diet UD2 is a CKD.
Yeah, I've had success with UD2 as well. If I'm not mistaken, in UD2 he advises to use CKD if above ~12% bodyfat. I figured to use CKD to jump stat my program and then shift into UD2. I like UD2. I feel like it is a maintainable lifestyle for me.

All that said, I'm still off of all upper body workouts for the next 6 weeks minimum as my shoulder recovers from an impingement issue. It has plagued me on and off for 10 years, so I'm not messing around with jumping back in too early.
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