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Default Timing of Caliper Measurements

I'm wrapping up what's been so far a successful UD2 stint, running the 14 day variation for the last several weeks.

I'm curious to see where I end up body fat %-wise just for the hell of it and was wanting to know if I should have my caliper measurements taken while I'm depleted (before this weekend's carbload) or wait a week or so after the diet has ended and I return to maintenance and allow time for the water gain from the carbload to dissipate.

Given the large fluctuation in weight before and after the carbload I wasn't sure if doing the measurements before or after the carbload would yeild more accurate results (or as accurate as calipers can be)?

Perhaps it doesn't matter one way or the other?

We have a pretty nice gym at my work with a full time trainer that seems to have a lot of experience with calipers.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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