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Unread 02-21-2017, 08:56 AM
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2/21: 250.2

Had a great FBWO lift yesterday. Someone irritated me at the gym and I ended up pushing harder than ever--increasing weight on just about every lift, haha.

Weight remained at 250.2 which is fine since I lifted hard last night and I'm not doing anymore alcohol experiments on myself to dehydrate me.

Its warm enough to grill outside now so I've got some delicious chicken breasts that'll go great with the green beans I just picked. I find it very easy to eat the same things over and over again: Chicken, lean steak, tuna, hard boiled eggs, haddock, shrimp, 1% cottage cheese, protein shake. I was always very strict during contest prep for 12-16 weeks, so its not hard to be regimented on RFL. And I love plain things, without many sauces or spices. I'm weird! Anyway, today is chicken day--all day, every meal.
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