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Originally Posted by tellurium View Post
How long ago did you compete last? 100lbs over stage weight is no mean feat and I wish you all the best.

Are you hoping to get back to 160ish or have you gained a lot of muscle since your last prep?

Thank you for the kind words! Indeed I do have a road ahead of me... Had a surprise medical issue that whacked me out of proportion in a bad way, but that's over now and I'm looking forward to progress The good thing is that I know *how* to diet and dial myself in properly. It'll just take time.

Its been a bit more than 3 years since the last show... I am hoping to compete around 168-172 this year--not sure where I'll end up. To me, its less about the number and more about the look. Throughout my 3 year hiatus, I have been consistently lifting 4-5 days per week, so there could be some muscle gain there.

My weight is not like a "typical woman"... Not many women will be 190 and near 16% so no one would really look at me and say holy goodness you're REALLY 250!? When I began gaining weight, I was last DEXA'd at 210 @ 20.5% bf and 188 @ 16% bf, so getting back in that range would be my major goals at this point. Then its probably gonna be back to UD 2.0 to dial in.
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