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Default My first PSMF

Hi, I'm just happy to have a place to track what I'm doing.

I have been weight training seriously for a couple of years but I have more trouble with the eating part. I tried to eat healty foods, to control my portions, but I only keep on adding the pounds. I think I need a more structured approach. I begin my first PSMF and I am thrilled, for now anyway!

I'm a 26 years old female, 5'4'', 134 lbs. According to the Calculator, my BF is 28% and I am a Cat 2 dieter. My goal is to loose about 15 lbs... and to be able to fit in my clothes again. I do not feel like (nor do I have the money to) buying an entire new wardrobe at the moment.

Day 1
1- Egg whites, mixed veggies, cheese
2- Chicken breast, asparagus
3- Red meat,cheese, broccoli
Plus one protein shake during the day
And of course all the supplements except the potassium because I'm on Yasmin. This OC already interacts with potassium levels, I think...

Exercise: A good walk with the dog.
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