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Default rfl or keto. thoughts?

so i want to cut 15% body fat to 10% and want to save as much muscle and strength i possible can but also the fasted way. (who doesn’t)

But i still guessing what’s the best approach for me:

Let me explain:.
so i have learnt when you follow a keto diet, it takes 8-12 weeks when the body is fully adapts and then get all the benefits from being in ketosis.
So that means that after you are fully adapt, then starts the protein sparring effect? and the body is using 100% body-fat for fuel?
Not earlier?
so yes, then is the best approach to first follow 8-12 weeks keto on maintenance kcal or little bulk so that the body not using muscle and protein for fuel and after fully adaptation. when the body is used to burn bodyfat as fuel and not protein and muscle any-more, starting cutting kcal below?

another thought
if its really to take 8 - 12 weeks for fully adapt then is maybe better to forget the keto diet and go for RFL because you can eat tons of protein and don’t care about ketosis,
what’s also limited muscle and strength breakdown and so i can begin immediately to cut down kcal and dont care about addaption.

so what do you think?

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