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Originally Posted by PhysiologyIsPhun View Post
I've noticed recently if I control my alcohol intake (say under 8 beers) on a given night and stay hydrated, I wake up the next day feeling almost euphoric and better than normal. In fact, I have actually experienced some of my best days in the gym after a night of moderate drinking. This almost always happens unless I get absolutely smashed, and sometimes it is accompanied by 4 hours or less of sleep. Does anyone else experience this? Anyone know why this happens? Obviously, not complaining about it.
Extra carbs maybe? Craft beer can have ~10 - 15 carbs per beer.

Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
8 beers is moderate drinking? I mean I live in New Orleans and that even seems excessive to me on a regular basis.
Per day? Probably.

But I'm sure plenty of people who drink regularly on the weekends have 8 or more when going out. Also remember time is a factor, 8 beers over the course of two hours...yeah that's a problem. Over the course of 6 hours? Not really.

People also severely underestimate how many standard "drinks" they're having. Many can fill a wine glass and easily have two standard drinks in that wine glass (3 - 5 oz. is typically floated around as a single drink), or you have a mixed drink or whiskey neat/on the rocks at a bar with who knows how many shots in it and consider that "1 drink". Finally, craft beer today comes in many different forms and alcohol percentages, many of them higher. That 7% IPA in a 16 oz. can is no way near "1 drink".

General guidelines recommend no more than 14 drinks in a week for a male, and more than 4 in a single sitting to be "binge drinking", but there's no standards set for actual blood alcohol levels and how those can effect your health long term.

They show that moderate drinking can have health benefits, but alcoholism and chronic binge drinking clearly has ill effects. There aren't any studies (that I've come across at least) that study your average Joe who may have a couple during the week, and then 8 or so on a Friday and a Saturday. Not long term anyways.

Originally Posted by JDPbrah View Post
Ok so I remember reading somewhere awhile back about alcohol slightly raising free test levels. I think its pretty clear that chronic intake of alcohol above a certain amount reduces testosterone, but I found two studies that demonstarted acute effects of alcohol raising testosterone.
I was regularly drinking ~20 - 25 beers per week and my testosterone tested >600 twice during that year (last year). Anecdotally at least, it had no effect on my testosterone levels.

Disclaimer: My testosterone had tanked (ironically while drinking less alcohol than that) and I was on Clomid for that year while recovering. Still, I think if you're a daily binge drinker and have a problem, it will effect your testosterone. More "moderate" drinking may not have the same effect.

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