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Hi Lyle,

A question about this statement:

In fact, thereís actually even a weird study from back in the late-90ís that saw this although the researchers had no clue what was actually going on (because nutrition researchers donít read enough basic science/endocrinology). In it, folks were dieted hard for 4 weeks and then progressively refed (raising calories over the 5th week towards maintenance). Body weight kept going down in Week 5 despite the gradually increasing calories (as I recall, they didnít measure body composition).
Are you saying that on week 5, they went right back to maintenance, or slowly ramped up to it? It seems like you're implying the latter. So given this, wouldn't it make sense that bodyweight would continue to fall at week 5, since the caloric intake of the experimental group hadn't yet reached maintenance, but was still under and in the process of being ramped up?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding here.
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