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Default High maintenance - More fat earlier in the day or carbs during the 5 hour refeed?

I have a higher maintenance for my bodyweight (hovering between 158 - 160 lbs., maintenace is ~19/lb. most days) but most of the activity is low intensity (on my feet most of the day).

I've done a 5 hour refeed once/week the last two weeks, but I end up looking a bit flatter/smoother the next morning. And my weight has stabilized. I wanted to try the lower end of the recommendation first (1.5 x BW) for carbs, but that would keep me well below maintenance for the refeed.

Should I bump up fat earlier in the day to increase total calories for the day? Or just keep pushing carbs during the refeed like I have been?

Fat during the refeeds has been well below 50 grams, and sugars are in check as well.

As I said earlier, while I burn a lot of calories throughout the week, the majority is through low intensity running/walking. I lift full body twice/week and do a short depletion workout or two, but that's really it for anything that would be depleting glycogen.
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