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Just thought I’d like to update this thread.

I cut out refeeds altogether (independent of, and prior to listening to Lyle’s recent podcast), and increased fats to more moderate amounts. Carbs are around ~200 on days off/cardio, and ~240ish on days I lift. The two full body days are ~10% deficit rather than at or above maintenance like a refeed day. Four days are -850 calories each day, and one day is maintenance just to allow some flexibility and sanity.

With no change in overall deficit the last two weeks my weight dropped out by about 1 – 2 pounds, and everything tightened up. I should know my own body and routine by now to realize increasing carbs beyond what I truly need doesn’t work for me, moderate to high fat intake work better. And as I stated in earlier posts, most of my activity is low intensity.
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