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Hi Lyle, thanks for the article.

A question I have about this and other articles where you mention % of Max HR is how you are doing the percent. What formula are you using?

Some do a straight calculation like
HRValue = PercentValue * MaxHR
Others do something with resting HR like
HRValue = RestHR + PercentValue * (MaxHR - RestHR)

For example if I use a max of 199 and a resting of 55 I see the following for your %60-85% range.
First calculation has a range of 119-170 BPM
Second calculation has a range of 141-177 BPM

I'm guessing it's the second one, since that seems to fall in the range (for me) of fat loss at the lowest -> Aerobic -> Just into Anaerobic at the highest.
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