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I do have Ulcerative colitis, (supposedly), and possibly crohns. But that's not supposed to cause my super fullness. But I try to work with whatever nutrition program I'm on. I can bulk up only for two weeks until I cant handle it anylonger.

With that as some background. I eat pretty much same as I did for carb up, I guess was 8 years ago, not 10. Cereal + 1% milk (corn flakes, sometimes chocolate cheerios << YUM). spagthetti + marinara sauce. Bagles + some light butter. Low fat wafflles + no sugar syrup. French bread, pretzles. Publiz sub with very little cheese. That was yesterday. There seems to be no trigger that gets me full. I can get super full just drinking a cup of coffee sometimes.

So unless someone thinks of something my Dr's cant figure out on what is making me full. And no, it doesnt seem to be gluten or milk. I need to work with how I get full so easy.

*So can I bleed the carb up onto saturday? I've tried not to and to cram it all in Friday. But I cant really go out anywhere Friday afternoon/eve because I feel literraly pregnant. And I'd like to get in more carbs overall given my weight right now.

Thanks :-D
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