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Default What is the Stubborn Fat Solution

The new book, dealing with all aspects of stubborn fat is here and available for purchase.

The first chapters will tell you everything you need to know about the topic of body fat and what makes fat cells stubborn. This includes discussions of basic fat cell metabolism, how fat is stored and lost, the impact of hormones on body fat and, of course, what makes stubborn fat so stubborn.

This is all a lead in to a discussion of how diet, training and supplements can attack the physiological reasons that stubborn fat is so stubborn.

Which leads into the specific protocols themselves. there are four of them, three of which have been discussed before. The original SFP is discussed along with all of the modifications (that most using it are unaware of) that I've made to it over the years. Of course, the new and improved, never before seen stubborn fat protocol 2.0 (SFP) 2.0 is finally revealed and outlined.

With each protocol, I talk about how to schedule it with your current training and eating programs. You are all unique snowflakes and each of the four described protocols will have relatively more or less utility for you. I also get a bit ranty about some of the current nonsense being spread about interval training these days.

The book is 101 pages and has a selected references list (this was a 10 year project, fully referencing it would have been impossible) on the various topics discussed inside. It's softback, perfect bound and will NEVER be available as an e-book so don't ask or think that you're going to wait me out.

The book is $39.95 plus shipping/handling and you can get more information here.