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Originally Posted by Nigeepoo View Post
Everytime I see the acronym SAD, I want to shout from the roof-tops "Take 5,000iu/day of Vitamin D3, damnit!".
I'm not on quite that much. Doc has me on 2000 IU and then we'll retest.

Nigeepoo is the D3 evangelist.

I've been on the stuff for just over 6 weeks now and I feel like nothing is impossible. No matter how late I go to bed, I wake up early in the morning, raring to go. It's like switching to rocket fuel after years of running on unleaded. Cheers, Nige.
That's great! I mostly feel the same way. I just get pissy when it rains and snows all the time and floods my basement. And I want to see the sun, dammit!