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Default Low weight oscillation

75 kg. 176 cm. 11-12 bf (starting 6 week ago at 15% and 79 kg).
I did 2 week of ketogenic diet to get my body used to low carb diet. Than i start ud 2.0
I did monday to thursday low cal (1500)
Monday depletiob wo
Thuesday running depletion (20 min x 2 times at zone 4)
Zone 3 aerobic wed and thurs
Friday tension wo
Sat or Sunday power wo

Friday carb up at 800 g carbo 150 pro low but not extremly low fat (50-75)
Sat and sunday a base.

I m taking yohimbine + sinephrine from thuesday to thursday. Caffeine every day except friday and sat or sunday (when no train).

The difference between previous ud 2.0 is i m not fluctuating in weight. From monday 75.8 to friday 74.8 this week. The previous 76.2 carb load 75.4 carb depleted. Is that due to yohimbine related water retention? Or i m doing a wrong carb load (probably because a lot of endurance training i m doing in the week (50 km aprox)? Probably it doesnt matter if weight go down but since i will do only 2 cycle more i want to avoid errors and obtain the best from it
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