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Default Diet maintenance, leanness and all inclusive resort

Hi folks.
As I am currently on my maintenance and I am off to Greece and Turkey tomorrow the timing is perfect. The issue is: in both countries I am going to be staying at an all inclusive resort. We are 3 couples and fun is guaranteed but from my previous experience it is incredibly difficult not to blow up in an environment where there is abundant high calorie food all the time around you, I am talking delicious stuff, cocktails etc. Why I am worried about this? First, I have a long dieting phase behind me and have never been this lean in my life (12 to 13%) and I do not want to undo my efforts in 3 weeks. If I understand correctly, your body is absoluetely primed for fat regain after a long diet and below 15%. Second, I want to use this situation as a good learning experience of how to behave in future in social situations with abundance of delicious high calorie drinks and food. Mind you, I will be doing weight training regularly in these 3 weeks, but from my past experience weight training cannot offset the fat gain that comes when eating and drinking almost all the time. Now, I by no means want to be a freak and eat only veggies and meat and justify that with my leanness goals, I actually want to enjoy this time, but I do not want to blow up. Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you guys.
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