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Default My EOD refeed plan to reach 10%

Its only recently been ignited in my mind that EOD's are a fantastic tool to recomposition. Sure it isn't as fast as RFL but in terms of sanity and psychology, i think its incredible and i will use this approach untill i reach my 10% goal. Im currently between 14-15.

I will be lifting x3 a week on doing a full body moderate volumeish workout consisting of the main lifts and accessory movement where its needed.

Layout is pretty much -

Mon - PSMF
Tues - PSMF
Wed - Train, Refeed
Thurs - PSMF
Friday - Train, Refeed
Saturday - PSMF
Sunday - Train, refeed

I have a few questions as i'm stuck in limbo as to how my carbohydrate consumption should look like on the days im refeeding. Lyle has stated in the main thread that he gorged heavily post workout and didnt count calories. This has me questioning if i should stay at maintenance which for me would be 2500, keep fats around 50 and protein at 1lbs. The rest carbs ofcourse. Or, i've seen many times where people have seen great recomposition results when they emphasise carbohyrates in a surplus on the refeed days. Any particular advice on this one?

Moving forward, i want to take full advantage of a EOD refeed method even in a gaining phase. I see a very similar pattern going on here with UD.20, and thats an all time favoraite for most it seems. This leads me to my next question - Would EOD be great in general recomposition even when 'bulking'? I assume the layout would be similar to what i and many others have outlined, just the main difference being the carbs on training days will probably have to be like 700 for most.

Thank you guys.
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