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Originally Posted by alcahuetej View Post
What are your goals?

If you're not competing, you're lean enough in my opinion. But my opinion doesn't matter, yours does.

Personally, if I can't maintain a certain level of leanness, then it's not worth pushing it farther. There's a tipping point where, at 5'9" and being a natural, you may end up looking worse despite being even leaner. Especially at that body weight.

Also, if you intelligently add a surplus (sounds like you are) when you bulk, you shouldn't get too fat. You can always try to go leaner down the road, and this time with more muscle mass.

I didn't check the log, but was your UD2 stint 6 - 8 weeks? If so, that's about 14 - 16 weeks of dieting...that's long enough considering you're lean right now, if you were fatter I would say sure, take a break and hit it again.
I am actually only in the midst of my third week and if progress continues as it has I believe I will hit 154-155 (1-1.5lb loss) by the morning of my next refeed. Based off responses here I think I just might end the UD2 and go for maintenance for a month before a 10-15% surplus. I was gravitating more that direction anyhow
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