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Originally Posted by bkmacky9288 View Post
I am actually only in the midst of my third week and if progress continues as it has I believe I will hit 154-155 (1-1.5lb loss) by the morning of my next refeed. Based off responses here I think I just might end the UD2 and go for maintenance for a month before a 10-15% surplus. I was gravitating more that direction anyhow
Ah ok, I'd say finish off the week, have your refeed and then move tomaintenance. Solid work.

Originally Posted by BigPecsPeter View Post
You're presently about 12-13% anyway
My vote would be for 10 - 12% (and more like 10, maybe a touch lower). I doubt he has a caliper measurement that's not in single digits (without seeing the lower body of course).

Realistically, yes probably 12 - 13%. But I base my guesses off of what your typical online guesses may be. For example, I highly doubt a bodybuilder on stage is actually lower than 5 - 6%, but online guesses may throw out 3% or whatever.

Regardless, it's all just guesses obviously. If you like the way you look and feel good, that's all that matters. If either of those is not in place, it's time to change something.
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