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Default What would you do differently on your next UD2/notes to self?

Hi all,

I've never done UD2 but thinking about finally giving it a go. I was wondering if anyone who has done it would post any tips they'd give to themselves if they were to do it again in the future.

Y'know, like bits of the diet where they've tripped up and fallen off the diet, done stuff that was counter-productive, made stuff harder, etc. Basically anything you wish you knew, that wasn't in the protocols in the book because it relates to your own idiosyncratic behaviors, weaknesses, etc.

For example, using my experience of RFL (as I've not done UD2) i'd say to myself:

-Always preprepare tomorrow's lunch the night before (as you'll never be able to find RFL-worthy food near work. Ever!!!).
-Make sure you are STOCKED up on loads of herbs and spices and low cal condiments/salsa.
-Fry almost everything (except fish) as it tastes much better. Stir-fry as much as you can as you're pretty decent at it.
-Eat much more protein at lunch otherwise you find yourself trying to eat huge amounts of protein in a tiny window in the evening when you're genuinely not hungry.
-Count to 5 before responding to a question regarding if you wish to be bought takeaway food. Your rational part of your brain will have a delay in comprehending what's happening, whilst some non-conscious vocal part will respond 'yes' with a few tenths of a second ;-)

Obviously everyone's comments might be different and everyone will find different parts harder or easier than others but hopefully we can get some benefit about what were the positive and tricky parts brought up. Thanks.

Now your turn UD2'ers. Go :-)

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